Ideal Orkestra

April 8, 2021 - 7:00 PM
Red Room
Ideal Orkestra

Willard Morgan’s Ideal Orkestra returns to rock the Red Room 2x in one night! 

The show that audience members call, "Fucked Up!" "Wonderful!" and "Eclectic;" it's sure to be a psychedelic and apocalyptic journey that can’t be missed. 
So grab your friends, wear your masks, and raise your glasses to an evening of pyrotechtonic spoken word attack on alternative cabaret. 
Ideal Orkestra is: Willard Morgan, Ruco Nishino, Gideon Berger, and HOOX + Special Guests TBA!
About the Band:
Willard Morgan is a multi-faceted NYC artist, performer, filmmaker, and social provocateur; the front man & lyricist of theatrical art band Ideal Orkestra. Follow him on Instagram @willardmorgan. 
Ruco Nishino is a Japanese R&B and pop singer and veteran member of Ideal Orkestra.
Gideon Berger is a musician, writer, and mime. Sometimes he even does all three at once! Follow him on Instagram @gideon_berger.
Audiences have said...
"Willard Morgan and The Ideal Orkestra at Red Room did a wonderful eclectic set which reminded me of Leonard Cohen, or David Bowie."- John Richard, Music Promoter 
"I love your style. Reminds me of better times in New York in the 90s. Congrats on keeping the nightlife fresh and interesting."- Vangeline Butoh Master, Director
"Thank you for your endless energy and for the journey that you brought us on. I know for a fact that we all ran away with you."- Samantha Wong, Artist Curator