Bushwick Book Club and Poets of Queens

October 3, 2021 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Red Room
Poets of Queens

Bushwick Book Club performs songs inspired by the Poets of Queens Anthology.

Founded in Brooklyn in 2009, the Bushwick Book Club meets every month and employs the talents of local songwriters and artists who plumb the depths of a chosen literary gem to create that rare and beautiful thing – a new song (or visual art, dance, film or snack).  All songs are then performed at a live show. The Bushwick Book Club now has several branches all over the world, including Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, New Orleans, Greenville, NC, London and Malmö, Sweden.  The Bushwick Book Club is now also a podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Website: bushwickbookclub.com
MP3s - bushwickbookclub.bandcamp.com
FB - @bushwickbookclub
video: youtube.com/bushwickbookclub
Twitter: @bushwickbkclub
Instagram: @thebushwickbookclub
PODCAST: iTunes and SoundCloud

Poets of Queens creates a community for poetry in Queens and beyond. Readings help to create a connection between a diverse group of poets and an audience. In 2020 an anthology of poetry by a group of twenty-five poets was published. This paved the way for Poets of Queens to start to publish individual collections to help poets connect to their community through their work. Connections are furthered when visual artists respond to poets and poets respond to visual artists as part of special projects. Poets also become mentors and teachers to fellow poets in all stages of their careers, strengthening community.