August 11, 2021 - 7:00 PM

Mick Benderoth was a screenwriter in Hollywood for 20 years; he now lives in New York City, happily writing prose for himself.

Kathleen Crisci's stories and essays have been published in Many Mountains Moving, ElevenEleven, and the Westchester Review, and her manuscript “Journey” was a finalist for the Tennessee Williams Festival poetry contest.

Daniel Dworkin is a world traveler, fan of chivalry, multidisciplinary artist, and student of combat strategy. All of these concerns, as well as the intricacies that bring people together in relationships, can be seen in his fiction.

Gita Enders has a master’s in creative writing from NYU. She has read here and there and has had a smattering of small publications.

Erik Ipsen loves his family, his friends, his bicycle, the Bronx Botanical Gardens and stories that pan out . . . writing them less so.

Art Lasky, founder of the Algonquin Rectangular Table, writes humorously (sometimes intentionally).

Bonnie C. Mitelman is a retired nonprofit professional, adjunct lecturer and co-founder of a corporate communications company. She is co-author of Mothers Who Work (Ballantine). Her essays have appeared in The New York Times.

Vicky Oliver, an MFA candidate at the New School, is the author of six career "how-to" books for the stressed-out corporate professional under her own name, and one novel, written under the pen name Diana Forbes, titled Mistress Suffragette.

Adrienne Oppenheim grew up in New York City and writes poetry. 

Rebecca Perrin lives on the Lower East Side. This is her first public reading.

Corinne Shearer is a professional dancer and teaching artist and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in literature at the City College of New York.

Marcelle Thiebaux’s stories and poems appear regularly in literary magazines. Her books on medieval themes are published by university presses, and she taught literature at St. John's University as well as in Budapest.

Ben Umayam says he is writing the great American Filipino gay short story, so what do you think?

Carol Wierzbicki is a poet and aspiring songwriter and children's author.