Subway Reading

July 22, 2021 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Shy Watson wrote horror vacui (House of Vlad 2021). She's currently trying to sell her debut novel.

Rachel Bell is the author of welcome to your new life with you being happy and Loving the Ocean Won't Keep it from Killing You.

Graham Irvin is a writer from North Carolina. He currently lives in Philadelphia. Liver Mush, his first book, comes out this November on Back Patio Press. Follow him on twitter @grahamjirvin.

GG Roland lives in Colorado. His poems have been published by New York Tyrant Mag, Hobart Pulp, Philosophical Idiot, Uncle Ken Presents, and Misery Tourism. Buy his new book hehehehe (Clash Books). Tweets: @cowboyroland.

Peter BD is a creative and the author of the book Milk & Henny. 

Blake Middleton wrote College Novel (Apocalypse Party) and An Actual Person in a Concrete Historical Situation (Clash Books). He lives in Florida. 

Theo Thimo is an adjunct professor for the New School's experimental flarf poetry deconstructed through a seapunk lense course.

Alex Otte is a poet and firefighter. His first collection, Means of Egress, is forthcoming from Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2022.