Book Release Party for Carl Watson

July 8, 2021 - 7:00 PM
Only Descend

Thursday, July 8th at 7, you are invited to the Autonomedia book release party for Carl Watson’s new book Only Descend hosted by Jim Feast! There will be many surprise guest readers! And there will be copies of his book for sale!

Carl Watson is a poet and fiction writer. His new book, Only Descend (Autonomedia), is set in the late 90s in NYC, and is the third installment in a trilogy of novels including Idylls of Complicity (Spuyten Duyvil), and Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming (Sensitive Skin Books).  Carl’s other works of fiction are Hotel of Irrevocable Acts (Autonomedia), and Beneath the Empire of the Birds (Apathy Press).  His poetry collections include Astral Botanica (Fly By Night Press), and Pareidolia, (Autonomedia).  He has written for various journals including The Village Voice, NY Press, The Williamsburg Observer, Sensitive Skin, The Brooklyn Rail, Evergreen Review, Degraphe, La Liberation and others. Watson received the Kathy Acker Award for Fiction in 2013.

Publisher Jim Feast describes Only Descend:

Just as the Situationists would engage in derives, drifting through Paris to locate (via vibrational contact) zones of danger and love, so Carl Watson’s hero, Frank Payne, in Only Descend wanders down the spine of Manhattan, flitting through encounters with addicts, hustlers, transvestites, and barroom habitués, as he puts his own label on the wounded neighborhoods he passes through. Interleaved with this pedestrian voyage are pages from the diary of his girlfriend—poet, photographer and curious costume designer, Odee Bones.