Plough Quarterly

January 29, 2020 - 7:00 PM
Red Room

Man is, we are told, "by nature a political animal" — that is, an animal born to live in a city. In the Christian tradition, though humans began in a garden, we will end in a city. Cities are the sites of culture and of corruption, of humanity at its best and at its worst. And for a growing majority of men, women, and children, they are home. Plough Quarterly's Issue 23, "In Search of a City," brings together essayists, artists, and poets to tell the stories of cities and city-dwellers.


On Wednesday, January 29th, join three of these contributors — James Macklin, Brandon McGinley, and Tara Isabella Burton — along with Plough editor Veery Huleatt and The Point editor Jon Baskin to launch this issue. Stick around afterwards for live jazz!

Free copies of the magazine will be available.