Dead Ladies Show

April 7, 2020 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Red Room
Dead Ladies Show

The sixteenth edition of DLS NYC is upon us! Tuesday, April 7, from 7–9pm, though we won’t meet in the Red Room this time, given the pandemic; we’re meeting on Zoom. We hear it’s hip to meet online these days! ;) Link here:

Not free on the 7th? Never fear, you can still partake of Dead Ladies via the ~podcast~ produced in Berlin:

Either way, mark your calendars—the next shows are Wednesday, May 6 and Wednesday, June 3. 

In April, join EMILY KNAPP, ELIZA ROCKEFELLER, and HALL ROCKEFELLER to learn about a colossal Jewish-American literary figure, a Celtic warrior queen, and a revolutionary prison-reform advocate. Presented, respectively, by a museum director-slash-historian, a classicist passionate about very dead ladies, and a director-slash-arts activist. 

Free admission, and an ~*important note!*~ If you can, you’re welcome and encouraged to donate what you would have paid for a drink or two to the KGB Bar/Red Room, which has been affected by NYC’s mandated business closures and has been hit hard financially. They are distributing 30% of all donations directly to employees. Alternatively, you can buy drink tickets to use when the bar reopens (whenever normal life returns, blessed be the day!)—just specify “drink tickets for DLS” in your donation note.  

Donate here: Literary Landmark KGB Bar NYC Aid

What’s the DEAD LADIES SHOW, you ask? The SHOW, which originated in Berlin, consists of a series of entertaining and inspiring presentations on women who achieved amazing things against all odds. Every month (!), the show hosts three(ish) passionate cheerleaders of too-oft forgotten women, inviting its loyal audience into a sexy séance