Meg Spectre Spectacular

Red Room

March 29th, 2024 - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Coming back to the Red Room by popular demand: a silly extravaganza of live comedy, cute outfits, and cheeky cocktails – headlined by the Spectacular Meg Spectre!

Our headliner, the enigmatic Meg Spectre, is an actress and NYC gal about town with a squeaky sense of humor and a fabulous case of IBS. She loves you! Expect endearing cringe, prop comedy, musical numbers, naive topical schmear, a time-traveling telephone, and some good old-fashioned razzle dazzle! In lieu of flowers, please send Vitamin B-12!

We welcome the return of Double-D Deborah “Deb” Fitzsimmons, a woman who had her heart stolen back in Camden, New Jersey. She’s newly single and looking for younger men. As she like likes to say, “ever since Seamus left me,I’ve been shameless!” You can find her at your local Nordstrom’s rack – just helping out!

Agnes Enk is the perfect seminar student because she doesn’t take up a lot of space or make a lot of noise, primarily due to her problem-ridden relationship with the idea of womanhood. She almost drowned when she was ten, which has led her to believe that dying is likely a very quiet and lonesome experience. The incident has also given her permission to freely compare herself to Percy Shelley who actually did drown in the Bay of Lerici under fraught and alien circumstances. Agnes’ circumstances were that she did not know how to swim at the time. She knows how to do everything now.

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