Come to Mommy

Red Room

January 17th, 2024 - 7:00 PM

Come to Mommy

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Rylan Sylvester & Glennis LaRoe want you to know you can always Come to Mommy! A chaotic comedy advice show debuting at a new venue this month, for a very special recording with Rhizome Comedy. Join the mommies for a packed lineup of hilarious comedians and unsolicited advice from two dumb b*tches with no moms* who think they have all the answers! Featuring: Nico Carney (Netflix), Savannah DesOrmeaux (Adult Swim), Dan Yang (HBO Max), Rima Parikh (The New Yorker), Talent Harris (Caroline’s) & Rebecca Weiser (Power Suit Comedy). *they’ll explain more later

Photo credit: Noah Eberhart @enemypixels